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This forthcoming short animation is currently in production, tentatively titled "Second Wind."

The stop-motion animated film explores the complexity of humanity’s relationship to nature and the need to nurture both ourselves and our natural environments, alongside grappling with time as one inevitably grows older and chooses what of themselves to leave behind for future generations. 


The story is shown from the perspective of a beautifully complex elderly woman. She maintains and nourishes her garden of flowers which surround a large fruit tree. As she moves through the garden, our perspective is constantly shifting from the macro and micro. Similarly, she steps in and out of memories where she remembers her younger selves and past scenes from her life. The fruit tree is a fixture throughout these memories, mirroring the woman’s growth in its own journey from seed to tree alongside hers from infancy to old age. 

The following three clips reveal excerpts from the opening:

A selection of process documentation:

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