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I offer personalized private/group lessons and workshops in:

Painting, Drawing, Digital & Film Photography, Sound Design, Filmmaking, Video Editing, Stop-Motion Animation, Claymation, 2D Animation, Hand-Drawn Animation, Sculpture, Sewing, + More!

My background:
have developed my art practice for over a decade and I hold a BFA and MFA degree. I'm a passionate educator, experienced with all age groups including college level students. I am the Art Teacher of Orchard House Middle School, an Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, and teacher of the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. It is my mission to pass on the techniques and processes of various traditional and emerging art media to equip everyone with the confidence, experience, and skills to learn a creative outlet for expressing themselves and connecting with others!

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My teaching philosophy:
My drive as an educator comes from seeing students become the best version of themselves. I foster a learning environment where students are encouraged to take creative risks, embrace growth from mistakes, and learn to trust their own creative instincts. I instill in my students not only technical proficiency but also the creative confidence to articulate their own one-of-a-kind story from within.
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