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I presently hold multiple teaching appointments as well as offer private lessons for all ages, which can be held in-person or via zoom.
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In addition to maintaining my studio practice of photography, sculpture, and puppet stop-motion animation, I am an arts educator. I earned my Bachelors in Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art and my Masters Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to my art practice specialities, I am also experienced in and have led lessons on a wide variety of art making processes ranging from filmmaking, darkroom and digital photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, jewelry, woodwork, clay, and more.  


My teaching philosophy:
My drive as an educator comes from seeing students become the best version of themselves. I foster a learning environment where students are encouraged to take creative risks, embrace growth from mistakes, and learn to trust their own creative instincts. I instill in my students not only technical proficiency but also the creative confidence to articulate their own one-of-a-kind story from within.

A selection of student work:

Brady_Aislinn_ThePaper01 - Aislinn Brady.jpg

Aislinn Brady, Sophomore
Darkroom Course, VCU

pimpinella_sophie_Intimacy_06 - Sophie Grace.jpg

Sophie Pimpinella, Sophomore
Darkroom Course, VCU


Verena Lathers, Freshman
Sculpture Course, VCU


Character Fabrication Course

(self-designed course offered at VCU in 2022)

Student's completed puppets for their own animation:

Reel of Student Animations:

Storyboard & Animatics:

Student: Ximena Guerrero-Zdeinert

Excerpt from animatic (left)

Page one from storyboard (right)


Student: Esther Kim

Excerpt from animatic (left)

Page one from storyboard (right)


Character Concept Art:


Student: Mia Cifuentes

Marie Anderson.png

Student: Eunice Kim


Student: Esther Kim

Student: Ximena Guerrero-Zdeinert

Student: Marie Anderson

Student: Rachel Keys

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