VCUArts MFA Thesis Show at the Anderson Gallery April 5th 2019-April 18th 2019. 

The urge to uncover aspects of human condition permeates my work, from the fundamental curiosity of a child tearing apart their doll to uncover what lies within to continuing a quest in uncovering basic human urges through my puppet animated dramas and tragedies. There is a controversial line between the childlike and the adult-like which can be ambiguous, and at some times more discernible while other times less. I create handcrafted stop-frame puppet animations that explore self-conscious emotions such as embarrassment, shame, and envy within unpredictable life scenarios. These are animations about inner life, attempting to resolve conflicting elements of the human psyche. The structuring of the individual stories is fragmented, deliberately omitting information in a traumatic manner similar to real life. Each animation follows a different course of events, involving different characters, environments, and scenarios. My production methodology adopts improvisational role play in which I act out each characters body movements and gesture before performing the puppets. I am the performer. I emphasize grotesque aesthetic embodiment in my characters’ performances to create a sense of empathy. At first glance these puppets might appear scary, but upon closer observation the viewer may realize it is the puppet who is scared.
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