Evie Metz is devoted to a rigorous multimedia art practice that combines photography, stop-motion filmmaking, and installation.

Her stop-motion based works dig beneath surfaces to transgress boundaries of interiority. She handcrafts microcosmic worlds through which each gestural movement breathes life. Frame by frame she breaks down and works through themes involving instinct, desire, and morality. The essence of her work pushes the boundaries of spiritual strength and the limited nature of our humanness with the intention for us to transcend it. 

Evie holds an MFA in Photography + Film at Virginia Commonwealth University and a BFA in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art. Her studio is currently based in Richmond where she is in the midst of new works.

Write me at eviemetzstudio@gmail.com

Instagram: @eviemetz

"You force yourself to watch and wait. You accept all the discomfort and the disharmony. Being out of your depth is a very uncomfortable thing... You force yourself onto strange streets, among strangers. It may be very hot. It may be painfully cold. It may be sandy and windy and you say, "What am I doing here? What drives me to do this hard thing?" -Dorothea Lange

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