Evie Metz is a multimedia artist based in Richmond, Virginia. 

She is currently an MFA candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Email: metze@vcu.edu

Motivated by the potential to uncover spiritual truths, Evie Metz (B. Miami, Florida) is influenced by the relationship between private and public spaces. Inspired by rituals of the everyday, her adapted attentiveness towards her immediate surroundings often becomes the catalyst for creating and sculpting personal stories. Through her work she critiques self-representation and dimensions of relational connecting. Narrating through visual means, metaphors, and symbols, her work pertains to poetry without the incorporation of, or reliance upon verbal language. Beneath the sensory and playful overtones of mundane existence there is celebration for individuality. Evie suggests that oneself is not unitary but rather juggles a variation of understanding between what is on the surface and what is within oneself.

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